CD-Rom, DVD Duplication

Our unique, personalized service and commitment to quality has helped us to earn the trust of clients, large and small, worldwide. We duplicate a number of optical disc formats including CD Audio, CD ROM, Business Card CDs, CD-R, DVD-Video, DVD-ROM, and DVD-Audio and Shaped CD.

Compact Disc is now the standard for cost-effective distribution of audio, video, and data. CD-ROM is the medium for many types of storage requirements because of its unique characteristics, including, high data capacity, excellent reliability and durability, portability, worldwide standardization and compatibility, high speed and low cost production.

We offer comprehensive, quality short-run services without the expense of in-house equipment or operators. With our high-speed, state-of-the-art equipment, we offer fast, accurate short-run CD-ROM order turnaround with cost-effective pricing. In accordance with our high quality standards, all CD-ROMs are verified for sector readability.

Here are some prices to some of our most popular cd duplication and replication products.

Video Duplication
The choice of technology depends on the length of the program and the size of the order. We have duplicated VHS orders as long as 240 minutes in EP mode with good results. We use only virgin, A-grade tape for duplication, and quality.

Our acceptable forms of masters are Beta SP, SVHS, VHS, Mini-DV, Digital 8 or 3/4″ U-matic. Please note that you must have the legal authority to reproduce the material you submit to us for duplication.

Audio Duplication
Our audio cassettes are mastered and duplicated using state-of-the-art digital technology. We offer competitive pricing, legendary service and stringent quality control standards that ensure a crystal clear sound every time.

All customer masters are thoroughly quality checked. We also offer custom labels for your finished project.