Printing & Packaging

An integral part of any project is getting a project to market is quality printing and packaging. We provide several options for standard printing and packaging, We are capable of producing a 4-color insert and tray card for jewel cases along with several other options.

Tips For A Successful Design
In order to process your design the following steps are an important part of the process. If you have any questions at any time, please feel free to contact us.

Images must be at least 300dpi (web images are usually 72dpi)
Double check your sizing
Scan pictures larger than needed & at 300dpi
Include printouts of the design with your files
Make sure the software is compatible with ours
Don’t forget to send us the fonts you used in your design
All logos or graphics must be an Illustrator file or an EPS.

What files will not work:
Anything in jpeg or gif format
A graphic that was used for a website.
We cannot take your logo or graphic off your website and use that for print. Web graphics are normally 72 dpi. We need a resolution that is 300 dpi or higher.